Firmware Files

The next component is getting the correct firmware file to update the light.

Identifying the Correct Firmware

The firmware used by a light is not always intuitive because even if there are firmware files named for a specific light, any changes to the light components can change which firmware it uses. For example, a D4v2 might use the firmware from a KR4, a DW4 might use D4Sv2 or even DM11 firmware depending on whether it has tint ramping or a boost driver.

There are a few different methods to determine which firmware file to use on a light.

Version Check

The most accurate way to determine the firmware file is by doing a Version Check. The last four numbers output by the version check are the model number of the firmware.

Take that model number and look it up in the table in the Anduril MODELS file and that will be the correct firmware to use on the light, even if the name doesn’t match.


Sofirn likes to put the SP36 firmware on most of their lights, so don’t be surprised if it turns up in unexpected places!

There is a chance the model number might not be in the file, for example if it’s a very new model with firmware developed by a third party Anduril contributor that hasn’t been merged back into the main tree yet. For some models from Wurkkos for example, these may be found in G Hart Anduril MODELS instead of the official file.

Models File

If the firmware is too old to output the model in the version number, then the next best thing is to match the model and driver type from the Anduril MODELS or G Hart Anduril MODELS file.

If there are multiple matches for the same model, try to match up the variation with the hardware as close as possible. For example, if there is a variation for tint ramping, specific emitter types, etc.

Ask for Help!

When in doubt, ask for help! Consider sending a message asking which firmware to use. It could be sent to the manufacturer, posted in r/flashlight on Reddit, or posted on BLF.

Be as specific as possible with the details of the light, including what model it is, emitter type(s) and color temperature(s), driver options, and so on.

Obtaining a new Firmware File

After figuring out the correct firmware, now it’s time to find an updated firmware file.

Download Pre-Compiled Firmware

The easiest way to get new firmware is to check the official Anduril firmware binaries.

For some lights such as the Wurkkos TS10, there may be newer firmware at G Hart Anduril firmware binaries.

Download the .hex file for the firmware to a convenient place.

Compile Firmware

Since Anduril is open source anyone can get the code, make their own changes and customizations, and then compile their own firmware.

At the moment compiling new firmware is beyond the scope of this documentation, but over time there may be a guide here as well.

For now, follow the directions in the README file to setup a compiler environment.

After compiling, copy the resulting .hex file for the firmware to a convenient place.