Why Update the Firmware on a Flashlight?

Why update? It depends. There are compelling reasons to update and more that are for convenience.

Bug Fixes

Sometimes there are important software bug fixes. For example, the initial runs of stock Wurkkos TS10 firmware had a couple problems:

  • The aux lights stayed on while the main emitters were on.

  • It lacked low voltage protection for its single color aux LEDs, so the aux LEDs (especially on high) could drain a battery to dangerously low levels.

Updating to a fixed firmware corrects these issues and makes the light more reliable.

Quality of Life Improvements

Another reason to update is for new quality of life changes, like the recent changes in lockout behavior.

  • Now 3C from lockout unlocks with the emitter off instead of only having 4C to unlock and turn on.

  • The new TS10 firmware lowers the moonlight from about 0.1 lumens to 0.01 lumens which is a significant decrease.


For people with multiple Anduril lights it is convenient to have all their lights using the same UI so they don’t have to remember which ones work which way because they had slightly different Anduril versions on them from the OEM.

For the fun of it!

People like me geek out on this kind of stuff and enjoy doing it because we can.