Unofficial Guide to Updating Anduril Firmware

Welcome to my unofficial guide for updating the firmware on flashlights running the Anduril user interface created by ToyKeeper (a.k.a. Selene).

Anduril is open source software (GPL) and the Anduril source code is available for anyone to download and customize.


The Wurkkos TS10, an affordable entry-level light that runs Anduril

This guide covers both general topics for most lights but also several specific lights or types of lights.


Naturally, there may be some focus/bias on lights I have access to since I can be much more specific about those models based on personal experience!

This documentation grew out of several posts on my blog and r/flashlight on Reddit covering a few different lights. See References for more sources.


There is a possibility of damaging the flashlight during these procedures. Proceed with caution!

Follow these instructions at your own risk!

General Procedure

The general procedure for updating a light is as follows:

  • Identify the light and current firmware

  • Obtain appropriate programmer hardware

  • Obtain or craft an appropriate probe

  • Obtain a new firmware file

  • Setup programming software

  • Connect the programmer to the light

  • Test the connection with the light

  • Backup the current firmware

  • Update the light with new firmware

  • Perform a factory reset


Emisar DT8