Updating Emisar/Noctigon (“Hank”) Lights

Updating most Emisar and Noctigon lights (a.k.a. “Hank lights”) is a similar process, the tricky part will be figuring out which firmware to use. There are so many different emitter, driver, tint ramping, and other options that it can be difficult to tell which firmware is the correct firmware.


Emisar D4W (Short tube), Emisar D4v2 (Antique Brass)

Identify The Light And Current Firmware

Because of the variations in firmware, the best method of Identifying the Correct Firmware is to do a Version Check. If the firmware is too old and does not print a model ID, then contact the seller to ask about the proper firmware, and provide as much detail about the light as possible.

Programmer Hardware and Probe

Nearly all Emisar and Noctigon lights use the 4 over 2 pad layout compatible with the kit sold by Hank for the lights.


Hank’s Flashing Kit - USBASP Board and 4 over 2 Probe

Setup the USBASP programmer as described in USBASP Drivers.

Obtain a New Firmware File

Download or compile the appropriate firmware as described in Obtaining a new Firmware File.

Setup Programming Software

Choose one of the Flashing Methods, setup the software, and use the software-specific guide for the following steps.


For simplicity, this guide will use avrdude examples, but zflasher can also be used in a similar manner.

Test the Connection with the Light

Unscrew the head from the light and locate the flashing pads.


4 over 2 Flashing Pads on an Emisar D4v2

Connect the probe to the programmer, the programmer to the computer or android device, and connect the probe to the flashing pads on the light.

Use the test or ping function of the flashing software to confirm the connection is working.

PS> .\avrdude.exe -p t1634 -c usbasp -n

Backup the Current Firmware

Connect to the light and read the current firmware from the light to a file to make a backup.

PS> .\avrdude.exe -p t1634 -c usbasp -U flash:r:old-firmware.hex:i

Update the Light with New Firmware

Connect to the light and write new firmware from the file to the light.

PS> .\avrdude.exe -p t1634 -c usbasp -U flash:w:anduril.emisar-d4sv2-tintramp.hex

Perform a Factory Reset

Perform a Factory Reset after reassembling the light.