Lexel Programmer

The Lexel programming adapter is an 8 pin probe with 5 pins on one row and 3 pins on the other. It is similar to the HQ ProgKey in that it can be made to work with a variety of lights, but its pin layout is not as easy to work with in some cases.

The adapter is well suited for the 3 over 3 layout, with its board labels and pins aligned in the correct orientation and the pogo pins are setup so that pins likely to make contact with alignment holes will touch the board first.

Crafting this probe is similar to the HQ ProgKey. The board is laid out so it can use the USBASP ribbon cable as-is without the need for custom jumper wires.


When ordering these boards from OSHPark, select 2 oz copper, 0.8mm thickness or the board will be the wrong size.

When using this probe, orient the probe labels to match the labels on the flashing pads.


Lexel Programming Key (5 over 3)