3 over 3 (Older Sofirn, Fireflies)

Some lights from Sofirn and Fireflies have pins in two rows of 3 pins each. Some of these lights have a fourth pin in one row that isn’t used. These lights typically use a chip such as the attiny85 or attiny1634.

Models using this interface include the Fireflies PL47G2, PL47MU, Sofirn LT1 (PCB rev 5.0), and others from around that time period (2021-ish).


3 over 3 Flashing Pads

One or more of the pads may include an alignment hole to help guide pogo pins on the probe, and some lights also have alignment holes in the PCB next to the pads for probes with extra pins.


3 over 3 Flashing Pads on a Fireflies PL47MU

Some Sofirn lights, such as older LT1 revisions (PCB label BLF-LT1-A2), have these pads in an arc or other atypical shape which makes interfacing with them difficult. It may be easier to remove the driver board and access the controller chip directly on these.