3 in a row/UPDI (Newer Sofirn, Wurkkos)

Newer lights from Sofirn and Wurkkos have a 3-pin UPDI serial interface. These lights typically use an attiny1616 chip.

Models using this interface include the Sofirn SC10 Pro, Wurkkos TS10, and recent/upcoming revisions to the Sofirn LT1, Q8 Pro, SP36, and potentially more.


3 Pin UPDI Flashing Pads


Check the labels on the pads in the light for the proper orientation, the Sofirn SP10 Pro has the pads in the opposite order from the Wurkkos TS10, so when connecting a probe to one of those lights, invert either the probe or the light head.

One or more of the pads may include an alignment hole to help guide pogo pins on the probe.


3 Pin UPDI Flashing Pads on Wurkkos TS10

2+1 out of 6 (Sofirn SC21)

At least one light out there, the Sofirn SC21 Pro, has a 6 pad layout where only 3 of the pads are used. This, like the 3-pin layout above, is a UPDI serial interface.


2+1 out of 6 UPDI Flashing Pads

Unfortunately, the three pins used are not together and the spacing makes interfacing with the pads tricky. This light also uses an attiny1616 chip.


UPDI Flashing Pads on SC21 Pro